Party Package

Looking for a fun birthday party idea or corporate event adventure? Sign up for a Discover Scuba party! It’s a chance for individuals 10 years of age or older to experience underwater breathing with scuba diving. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health and comfortable in the shallow end of a pool. Party attendees will learn the basics of scuba diving, while breathing underwater and swimming around in shallow water. Have a party or celebrate a birthday by throwing a memorable, exciting event with friends and family.


  • Participants must be 10 years of age or older
  • Must have a signed NDC release form completed by participant and parent/guardian before participating
  • Must have a signed Parent Medical Release form completed by parent/guardian before participating
  • If participant has a “yes” checked on their NDC release form, we must insist they consult a physician before participating in any scuba diving programs. They will need to have a doctor sign off on a Medical Statement Participant Record, clearing them to scuba dive. This form must be presented to NDC staff on the day of the event for participation.


The course is approximately 2 hours long including a short orientation in the classroom followed by a pool scuba diving experience.


  • Experience scuba diving under the direct care and supervision of our NDC instructional staff
  • Take their first breaths underwater in water shallower than 2 metres/6 feet
  • Learn about and use scuba diving equipment

Party Package Fee: $399.00/for up to 6 individuals

*More can come, there’s simply an additional $20 charge per additional participant (please note: groups of more than six are split into two groups).


  • 2 hour course with our NDC Instructional Staff
  • All equipment necessary
  • 10% discount on all diving equipment purchased during your term as a student (course materials, sale items, and equipment rentals are excluded)  
  • NDC party room post-dive for up to one hour for refreshments/food/cake*

*All food is provided by party host. NDC can assist with providing pizza/drinks food package from our neighbor Pete’s Pizza – inquire at the shop for details.


Parties are booked on an as-needed basis. We will do our best to coordinate with you and your schedule to find the perfect time. Pool time is limited, so please call and reserve well in advance.

This is a great way to experience diving in a safe and comfortable environment! It is also a great way to introduce scuba and help make the move to becoming a certified diver.